Steering Committee and Advisory Council

NCCLI is jointly sponsored by the Sierra College-Nevada County Campus (SC-NCC), United Way of Nevada County, the Grass Valley/Nevada County Chamber of Commerce, and the Nevada County Business Association. Representatives from each of the sponsoring organizations make up the Steering Committee along with the President of the Alumni Association and the Facilitator. The Steering Committee meets monthly.

An Advisory Council assists the Steering Committee with program oversight. Its membership is composed of leaders from various segments of the community including business, non-profit, and government agencies. Advisory Council members are expected to co-chair a program session and/or assist with marketing, recruitment, policy-development, and/or fund-raising. The Advisory Council meets 2 to 3 times per year.

SC-NCC is the fiscal/administrative agency for NCCLI through the Sierra College Foundation. A part-time support person assists the Facilitator with copying, mailing, and word processing. The support person attends a portion of each program session, keeps attendance records, provides name tags, organizes program materials, assists with the planning and implementation of the Graduation Banquet, and monitors the budget as developed by the Steering Committee.