What is the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute?

NCCLI is a special series of one-day classes that look into a variety of issues, topics and institutions that impact Nevada County. But what makes the class unique is that it brings together a cross-section of residents, from throughout the county, who experience the sessions together. We are business people, government officials, and community members who seek a role in our community's future.

By the time you graduate, you will have developed a solid understanding of the facts and fabric of Nevada County. And just as important, you will have established relationships with the very people, like yourself, who will one day be in a position to make decisions that affect their community. And with the perspective, relationships, and leadership skills developed during NCCLI, you will be better prepared to contribute to a positive outcome.

Founded in 1996, NCCLI was developed after researching other community leadership programs, taking the best parts, and molding them to fit our county, our culture and our people. The program will explore leadership in a variety of ways and include foundations in ethics, vision, values, morals, trust and integrity. We hope you take this opportunity to be part of something special -- the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute.
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